Forest Ave Residential Building
Architect in charge: Pablo Meninato
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Program: four stories apartment building
27,000 sq.ft.
Status: completed

The building is located in Belgrano R, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. The project had to deal with the zoning constraint that allows a maximum of 4 stories height.  The building has 3 apartments facing the front and 4 facing the rear (one is on the ground floor plan).

The footprint has a “double T” shape, allowing the staircase, elevator shafts, main and service corridors to join the front and rear volumes. The “double T” shape allows two intermediate courtyards.

The exterior character intends to merge both Classic and Modern features. Classic because of its symmetry and regularity. The entrance on the front facade is framed by a large granite portico, a symbolic element that serves as support of the second floor apartment. Modern because of its bare, un-ornamented walls, its whiteness and the continuous horizontal concrete beams.