Elevated Zoo International Competition
Team: Brian Johnston, Pablo Meninato, Ariel Vasquez
Year: 2009
Location: Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires
Program: Elevated Zoo
Area: 40,000 sq.ft.

The Buenos Aires Costanera Sur Zoo is located at the northern most point of the ecological reserve, allowing for expansive views of the city, river and reserve while taking advantage of, and linking to, the existing vehicular and pedestrian, and bicyclist pathways.  The ground level program is minimized to reduce the project’s impact on the reserve, while becoming a part of the network of various circulation modes.

The proposal is for an elevated, continuously sloping pathway that gently spirals around an open air atrium.  The public pathway alternately engages, on the north side, the animal environments and, on the south side, expansive views of the ecological reserve.  The spiraling pathway around the central open atrium affords dynamic views and multiple perspectives of the animals and the reserve as the visitor moves through project.

Precedents and inspiration:  The “mate,” (herbal tea extremely popular in the Pampas region), ‘Dog barking the moon’ by Juan Miro, zoomorphic skins.