Crown Condominium 
D+S Architects
Project architect: Pablo Meninato
Location: Wildwood, NJ
Program: 6 stories condominium –
33.000 Sq Ft
Status: on hold
Note: The project won the SARA 2006 Merit Award.

Wildwood is a town that possesses a large and varied architecture of the fifties. The township, together with the Doo Wop Preservation League, has been campaigning for preserving and restoring the remaining buildings of that decade. For new architecture it has been promoting the idea of adapting and integrating proposals into that style.

The architects have pursued a personal interpretation of that architecture, proposing a building with continuous horizontal bands, overhang cornices, and a carefully selected menu of materials (concrete, stainless steel, glass). The stepped profile in section is in response to a zoning requirement, and would allow most apartments to enjoy terraced spaces with views to the ocean.